NPG Planning Solutions are proud to take a thoughtful, aprirational, and pragmatic approach to our role in
planning and development across Southern Ontario.


Set amidst the verdant landscape of Niagara’s most prestigious village, The Bespoke Townhomes of Fonthill Yards is an exciting development in Pelham, Ontario that transforms a former urban commercial lumber yard into a mixed use community that gracefully integrates into the surrounding neighbourhood through a carefully orchestrated plan that ensures the built form is complementary with the existing neighbourhood character.


An exciting 120 acre development in Middlesex Centre, Ontario that combines residential, commercial, institutional and open space. Nestled in the lower Thames River Valley, the development is proximal to London’s lifestyle, education, shopping, world-class medical centres, and a thriving arts and business community, while offering access to the best of the country, river, ponds, a provincial park, hiking trails and open spaces.


The Riverfront Community at Niagara Falls sits on sprawling 252 hectares of land and is slated to be one of Canada’s premier multi-use communities that focuses on ecologically sustainable development and enhancing the natural beauty of the area. NPG Planning Solutions is working closely with GR (CAN) Investments Co. and a wide range of stakeholders through the ongoing work required to advance this complex and nuanced project.


Located in southwestern Ontario, Lambton County is known as Ontario’s Blue Coast. Nestled on the shores of the St. Clair River and Lake Huron, Lambton County has thriving city and country communities that blend agriculture, industry, the Great Lakes, and flourishing residential areas. NPG Planning Solutions led the five-year review and updating of three local Official Plans simultaneously. 


As the oldest agricultural co-operative in Canada, Vineland Growers has been distributing tender fruit (peaches, plums, grapes, etc.) on behalf of Ontario farmers since its inception in 1913. Vineland Growers has been rapidly expanding and has outgrown its existing two owned sites, three rented sites, and over 100 storage trailers across the Niagara Region.

Village Centre
Commercial Development

At the heart of the Garrison Village is the Village Centre Commercial Development, a mixed residential and commercial community designed on principles of new urbanism – walkable streets, diversity of architecture, a beautiful park network, and an overall design that is sensitive to and integrates with Niagara’s wineries and their landscapes.

Stanley Hotel
and Condominum

Within view of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and Niagara Falls’ Queen Victoria Park consisting of three towers over 30 storeys tall on a 3.5 acre site in the heart of Niagara’s Fallsview area, the development features two residential towers offering approximately 580 units, and an adjacent third tower hotel that will hold 300 hotel rooms and 13,000 ft² of retail space on the ground floor.


Spirit in

Spirit in Niagara Small Batch Distillery is dynamic business that follows a farm-to-bottle process to create distinctive beverages. The distillery has direct access to a significant volume of wasted fallen tender fruit (peaches, pears, plums) from their partners A.J. Lepp Orchards and the Niagara Orchard & Vineyard Corp and uses the excess product to produce its products.